JEMMA, Co-Founder

Jemma’s passion for movement and fitness dates back to her very early years. As a graduate of a professional ballet academy, she has dedicated over 20 years of her life exploring the complexities and possibilities of the human body. Years of rigorous training under the world-renowned and strictly codified Vaganova ballet system, combined with her extensive experience in Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics, Yoga, Pilates and other fitness streams has enabled Jemma to create her very own, highly effective training method. Jemma incorporates a clear progression of difficulty in all of her classes, while encouraging students to focus on precise technique, controlled strength and the importance of paying attention to our internal bodily cues.

ZHANA, Co-Founder

Zhana came into the fitness industry in her adult years, which has allowed her to develop an approachable teaching style that focuses on safe progression for those coming in at beginner and intermediate levels of flexibility. As a seasoned pole fitness instructor, she has seen many of her students leverage the benefits of stretching in both their fitness journeys as well as their everyday life, and is committed to encouraging and inspiring members of the larger community to incorporate regular flexibility practices into their own lives as well! She loves helping people use their physical progression to strengthen their minds and help them overcome the challenges they face in their everyday life.

SASHA, Master Trainer

Sasha is a professional contemporary dance artist in Toronto. During her adolescence, she trained as a competitive dancer and gymnast, but discovered her passion for classical ballet and contemporary dance by studying internationally. Her artistic background influenced her in pursuing a contemporary dance career for the past four years. In furthering her education as an artist, she became a freelance contemporary dance teacher as well as a certified yoga instructor. Based on her diverse cross-training and professional experiences, she has developed an artistic and strong anatomical approach to her teaching. Sasha’s classes emphasize a dynamic physical practice that incorporates the connectivity of breath to movement, while including the importance of mental and physical awareness in the body.