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Yoga Session



FLEXSPACE Founder & Master Trainer

Since she was a little girl, Zhana was captivated by the

grace, composure and power of professional dancers. It

wasn’t until her late 20’s, when she took a year-long

sabbatical from her corporate job and dove into full-time

fitness & dance training, that she realized the

cornerstone of dancer confidence is how they feel in their

bodies: strong, flexible, and in control.

FLEXSPACE exists to dare people to stretch: their bodies,

their minds, and their possibilities. We teach people how

to become more flexible, but we also teach them how to

use their newfound flexibility: in dance, in the gym, while

rock climbing, playing an outdoor game, or simply tying

their shoes. We teach them that flexibility comes from

strength, that control comes from balance, and that

anything is possible: if you only #daretostretch

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Jasmine began dancing at the age of 3 and spent the next 11 years training and competing in varying styles of dance. At 14, she decided to focus on ballet after being admitted to Canada’s National Ballet School.

It was during her years at the school that she began practicing yoga to help improve her strength in order to avoid injuries. She fell in love with the calm, yet strengthening practice. Upon graduating, Jasmine continued to train at the School in their Post-Secondary Program, then left to dance professional ballet in Europe. She spent the next 5 years primarily working at the Romanian National Ballet in Bucharest as a soloist, dancing in classics such as Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, and Sleeping Beauty.

Upon completing her overseas dancer experience, she moved back home to Canada and became a Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition. Jasmine looks forward to helping others achieve their goals to become the absolute best versions of themselves.


Cali has over 20 years of movement experience, ranging from competitive gymnastics, breakdancing, personal training, pole dancing, and contortion.


Informed by her diverse experiences, Cali’s teaching incorporates functional flexibility, strength, and fluidity.Cali is motivated to help others feel mastery, comfort, and connection with their bodies. She strives to promote a warm, accepting, and challenging atmosphere to enable students of all levels to find growth through movement. In her training and teaching, she prioritizes conditioning, active flexibility, and drills that cultivate flow between movements.

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