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In 2019 Zhana, a corporate sales professional, felt like her body was breaking.


Years of sitting at an office desk, coupled with a general lack of understanding of the human body & an obsession with high-injury movement-related activities (pole fitness, aerial & circus arts, and others) were not kind to her. Her lower back & knees were constantly in pain, she couldn't reach down to touch her toes, and she couldn't achieve any of her movement goals due to a general lack of mobility.


Zhana tried yoga, barre, pilates, but nothing was quite what her body needed. Everything changed when she decided to take a mobility class (then called an "active stretching" class).


Little did she know that not only would her chronic pain go away, but she would finally have a chance to build what now feels like an entirely new body: a strong, flexible, and confident one - and get her splits in the process!

Once Zhana felt the life-changing effects of mobility training on her own body, she just knew she had to bring it to more people. One evening after class, Zhana chatted to her first mobility instructor about bringing the offering to more people...


And on that day... FLEXSPACE was born!

Yoga Mates

FLEXSPACE STUDIOS officially opened in-person in September 2019 with group stretching + conditioning classes running out of multiple partner locations in the Greater Toronto Area. Like many other small businesses, we had to close our physical doors in March 2020, and after spending several sleepless nights pondering the possibilities, we decided to take the leap and pivot towards the virtual world.


These days, FLEXSPACE operates primarily online and supports individuals & teams of various movement backgrounds (beginner to pro) in reaching their flexibility + strength goals through classes, workshops, courses and custom training programs.

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