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Custom Training Programs

FLEXSPACE offers personalized training plans designed to help you safely & effectively reach your training goals.

Our custom training programs are best for those who:

  • Prefer training on their own, but are still looking for guidance 

  • Have unstable schedules that do not allow them to join group classes

  • Are looking for a more economical option than 1-on-1 in-person training

  • Have specific training requests and/or areas they would like to focus on

With each program, you will receive:

  • 15-min Zoom consult to discuss your training needs

  • Personalized PDF training plan with 15-20 exercises (photos + descriptions) targeting your desired development area and customized to your needs

  • 1-hour private virtual lesson with a Master Trainer to go over your training plan in detail

  • Continued support via e-mail (when and if required)

  • Additional lessons can be added at a discount

Have your favourite instructor develop you personalized training plan for you:

1:1 Attention

Get undivided focus and attention from your favourite FLEXSPACE instructor.

Flexible Schedule

Plan your connect/1st class at your convenience, then train on your own schedule


Stretching or Conditioning? We will customize your program for your goals

Discounted Rate

Bonus: add additional private lessons (online or in-person) at a discounted rate

Anatomy breakdowns to help you understand the science behind your training plan.png


100% Digital


Add $50 for a physical copy to be printed, bound and mailed to you

Bought a custom training plan and it is the best thing I've done for my middle splits!! The instructors are kind, detail oriented and experts in their field! I have been following my plan for 3 weeks and have seen a huge improvement already in both strength and flexibility. I feel safer and more stable in my middle splits than I ever have before and for the first time in years I'm seeing improvement. FLEXSPACE is also very big on injury prevention and active flexibility. I truly feel you're in the best hands possible if you trust FLEXSPACE. All their instructors are experts in movement! Also very impressed with the work that went into creating my booklet, it's beautiful😊


After a year  of doing group classes with FLEXSPACE, I reached out and begged for a personal customized training plan and they accommodated me 100% and created a fantastic front splits training plan just for me! They took into consideration my weaknesses and how my body likes/needs to move when creating the personalized plan so that it would ensure I would reap maximum benefits. On top of that they did a 1:1 private training session to walk through the exercises to make sure I understood exactly how I was supposed to be executing each exercise. I've seen crazy improvements not just in flexibility but in strength and overall mobility. I cannot recommend these girls enough!!!


How do I get my own custom training program?

Please follow the 2 simple steps below:

Step 1

Reach Out

E-mail us with a description of what you are looking to accomplish and your availability, and we will reach out to schedule your complimentary 15-minute connect

Step 2

Work Out The Details

Once we have had the 15-minute connect with you, we will send through an invoice for payment, schedule your 1-hr session, and work out any other logistics

Email Us

Not sure if a custom training program is right for you?

New to stretching? New to FLEXSPACE? Book a free 15-min call where we'll talk about your background and determine the best training options that fit your goals & needs

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