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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I Need To Be Flexible To Attend Your Classes?

NO! Our studio is the brainchild of a corporate sales manager and a former professional ballerina. In other words, we know what it’s like to be on both ends of the movement experience spectrum (hint: not much stretching was done by the corporate sales manager until FLEXSPACE came along). We welcome students of all levels.

What Should I Wear?

Any athletic wear will work. Socks are recommended to be worn (or kept closeby) as they do help in certain exercises.

What Should I Have On Hand?

For most stretching classes, you will need:

  • An exercise mat (or any comfortable surface)

  • 1 x loop band (also called booty band)

  • 1 x long elastic band (also called Theraband)

  • 1 x sectioned fabric band

  • 2 x exercise blocks (foam preferred)

  • A pillow (or anything else that can provide cushioning for the joints and help you slide)

  • Drinking water (to stay hydrated)

You can get all of the required bands at the FLEXSPACE shop.


If you don't have all of the items for your first class, don't sweat it - we will do our best to improvise and adjust! We do however recommend for you to get the necessary equipment at your first opportunity.

We also recommend to get a foam roller to perfom self-miofascial release - if you are new to rolling, ask your instructor for their top rolling tips during your next FLEXSPACE class!

What Is The Minimum Age For Your Classes?

Students must be 14+ for group lessons.


There is no age limit for private lessons.

I Have Movement Limitations, Will There Be Modifications Available?

We offer as many modifications as we can within a group or private classes. All new students are required to complete a PAR-Q form. Please list all injuries, conditions, medications, and movement limitations there. We may contact you should we require additional information.

Our group classes are capped at 10 students max, and instructors regularly review PAR-Q information of every single student to ensure a safe and controlled class environment.

Please note if you have a prior injury or condition which has or is limiting your movement, you must receive clearance to exercise from your doctor. FLEXSPACE classes are not meant to be rehabilitative in nature. You will be pushing your body to explore its boundaries; please first make sure your body is ready to take that on!


Who Will Be My Instructor?

If you already have a preferred instructor, you will be working directly with them (pending availability). If you do not have a preference, we will assign you an instructor depending on factors included your level of experience, your training goals and your availability, amongst others. Don't worry - all of our instructors are qualified to work with a wide range of backgrounds and abilities! That's the FLEXSPACE guarantee.

How Often Will Classes Run?

You will discuss class frequency and schedule all classes directly with your instructor. They will recommend a training schedule depending on your level of experience, your training goals, and your availability, and you can always adjust and modify if you need to make any changes to an existing schedule.

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