Shoulder mobility is crucial for both everyday life as well as functional performance. 


And you usually know when you are lacking shoulder mobility!



  • having trouble throwing a ball for your dog after sitting at a desk all day

  • realizing you can't seem to find the pole in an overhead grip pole move

  • not able to complete a transition on an aerial apparatus

  • cannot lift a weight past a certain point while at the gym

  • cannot reach high enough to grab a boulder while rock climbing

  • looking to improve your handstands or backbends


These are all signs your shoulder mobility is not at the optimal level for the activity you are trying to do.


We created this guide to help you take the guesswork out of shoulder mobility routines. This package will give you everything you'll ever need to level up your shoulder mobility game.


  • A 38-min class recording demonstrating all 30+ exercises so you can follow along!
  • An E-book containing anatomy basics, stretching tips, and all 30+ the exercises from the video complete with photos and text descriptions!
  • BONUS! An Awesome Training Calendar template to help you plan and stay accountable to your training!
  • BONUS! Skill Progress Report templates that you can use to track your progress and easily share it on social media for your friends to see!

Shoulder Mobility Course