Have you ever heard the expression "OUR FEET ARE OUR FOUNDATION"?


They quite literally are. While our feet (and the ankles they are attached to) are a genius anatomical invention, they can also cause many problems when we don't take care of them properly.


Are you a DANCER, POLE ARTIST, GYMNAST, ROCK CLIMBER, FITNESS ENTHUSIAST, or literally anyone else that's looking to build strength and flexibility in their feet and ankles, thus reducing risk of injury, improving functional performance, and ensuring long-term health of these very important parts of the body?


This course is your complete introduction to feet + ankle mobility (aka strength + flexibility). Seriously, we doubt you will ever need anything else. It consists of:


  • A 1hr-long class recording demonstrating all 30+ exercises so you can follow along!
  • A complete E-book containing anatomy basics, stretching tips, and all 30+ the exercises from the video complete with photos and text descriptions!
  • BONUS! A super cool Training Calendar template to help you plan your training!
  • BONUS! Skill Progress Report templates that you can use to track your progress and easily share it on social media for your friends to see!

"POINT YOUR TOES" - Feet & Ankle Mobility Course