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Why Drinking Water is Important for Stretching

We all know it’s important to stay hydrated 💦

But why is it particularly important for stretching?

1) Water comprises 75% of muscle tissue. Even the smallest amount of dehydration can impact your performance in a stretch class, leading you to get less out of it than you normally would (hint: getting thirsty in the middle of class means you’re already dehydrated! Keep your water bottle nearby, and take sips often)

2) Water also keeps brain cells hydrated to maintain cerebral functions. Without the appropriate level of hydration, studies have shown that some people experience impaired short-term memory function & visual motor skills. Both being something you NEED in a stretch class!

3) Staying hydrated through your workout (and rehydrating after) will improve the efficiency of your digestive process, which enhances your recovery by better breaking down glycogen (a nutrient essential for muscle recovery after a stretch class)

4) Lastly, staying hydrated has been shown to reduce fatigue and improve heart rate recovery after working out. Don’t we want our bodies to recover quickly from the stress of a FLEXSPACE stretch class?

Alright, time to be honest with ourselves… how much water have you had to drink today? 😈

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