Mobility 101

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Hey FLEXSPACE friends!

We promised we'd cover the importance of mobility soon, and here we are, delivering on our promises.

Mobility takes flexibility and marries it with strength, control, and balance to promote a holistic approach to a joint's ROM. ⁣

Who is mobility important for? Well, just about everyone. Let's look at some examples: ⁣

THE OFFICE WORKER: Many studies have proved the correlation between a sedentary lifestyle and pain in the lower back, neck, shoulders, and/or hips. ☹️ If you spend 4 or more hours per day in a sitting position, chances are, your mobility is greatly affected. You should be participating in exercises to promote joint mobility and to subsequently prevent or reduce pain.⁣

THE FITNESS DEVOTEE: If you really want to get all the gains, it's time to work mobility into your routine. Increasing the range of motion in your joints will help you squat deeper and lift higher. Moreover, it will help prevent the risk of devastating injuries that would keep you out of the gym for weeks, if not months, by helping you achieve the optimal position for each move you do at the gym or in the studio.⁣ Let's say you are doing a deadlift and don't have enough flexibility in your hips for optimal alignment. Your lower back may then be inclined to take on more than it should, and what may feel like a sore lower back the next day, may become a serious injury after several months of repetitive incorrect movement.

THE DANCER: Whether you dance professionally or recreationally, mobility will be important for both the aesthetics and technical requirements of your chosen dance style

— How much can the ballerina point her foot?

— How high can the ballroom dancer kick their leg?

— How deep can the bachata dancer make their backbend? ⁣

In addition, it again will contribute towards reducing the risk of both acute injuries and chronic conditions. More mobility = less risk.⁣

Do you guys have any questions regarding mobility? How can we help?

Zhana in a beautiful backbend
Mobility 101

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