How is Stretching Different From Yoga?

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Hey FLEXSPACERs, Zhana here.

As a certified yoga instructor, I love talking about Stretching vs Yoga - specifically, about how the FLEXSPACE method is different from yoga!

While there can be some similarities as no single movement is "copyrighted" by any school of movement, there are many differences and we will go through them today.⁣


In its roots, yoga had meditation as the end goal, and physical practice was only necessary so that one can sit in meditation for longer.

The full practice of yoga was, in essence, a spiritual one.

Of course, most modern yoga classes offer little outside of the physical practice, but in my opinion, they fail to address the original goal of yoga - the union of body, mind, and spirit.⁣

In contrast, FLEXSPACE classes were never intended to be spiritual. Our primary focus is on the physical body and achieving wellness in it through movement.⁣

Having said that, we ourselves are big believers in a holistic approach and encourage all of students to engage in other, non-physical practices to help them achieve freedom and control not only over and within their physical bodies, but their mind and spirit as well.


While there are many different types of yoga, the majority of them have certain "poses" and "sequences" that are fairly rigid - some more than others, of course.⁣

You learn the physical portion of a type of yoga by learning the poses and the sequences.⁣

In contrast, FLEXSPACE classes are based primarily in techniques professional dancers use to strengthen and open up their bodies. However, we also borrow techniques from other schools of movement like gymnastics, and even - you guessed it - yoga, all aimed at achieving the same end goal of opening up the physical body and with it, the possibilities. ⁣

Each class is different, and you will see a wide variety of movement in all possible planes of motion.


The focus of yoga is on centering and connecting with yourself - going within and again aiming for that union of body, mind, and soul. It should be a calming practice, no matter how physically active the physical component of it is.

In contrast, you are way more likely to walk out of a FLEXSPACE class feeling excited and energized as opposed to calm.

Because the techniques used are mostly from the professional dance world, you may find yourself incentivized to participate in other physical activities as you will feel more open and more in control of your own body!

Now that you know how our classes are different from yoga, it's time to see the FLEXSPACE method and feel its effects on your own body! Join us for a group or private class - hope to stretch with you soon.

Jemma assisting her student during a stretching class
How is Stretching Different From Yoga?

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