Why Point Those Feet?

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

If only you had a penny every time your FLEXSPACE instructor yelled out "POINT YOUR FEET"... am I right?

Well, have you considered why exactly we place such an emphasis on that during our classes?

Our feet are our foundation.⁣

If the feet do not have adequate ankle mobility and stability, not only do we risk injury to the feet themselves, but the rest of the body also takes a beating.

To avoid that, we need to ensure our feet are trained to move in their full range of motion.

Most of our clients spend more time with their feet flexed rather than pointed, so we encourage them to point their feet during their stretching session to promote balance in their bodies.

Of course, pointing and flexing your feet will activate different muscles in your body.⁣

➖ Generally speaking, pointing the feet contracts muscles at the back of the legs and stretches muscles at the front.⁣

➖ Flexing the feet would contract muscles at the front of the leg and stretch muscles at the back.⁣

We may ask you to point or flex your feet according to what the lesson's goal is for each particular exercise. ⁣

Last but not least, pointing your feet will help you create long & lean body lines (if that is what you are going for). After all, the FLEXSPACE method is rooted in professional ballet techniques; have you ever seen a ballerina with relaxed feet?

Humour aside, let's briefly return to the point of balance.⁣ At the end of the day, we want to help you achieve a healthy, happy, and balanced body. If you have a medical condition affecting your feet that prevents you from either flexing or pointing your feet, please let your FLEXSPACE instructor know before class so that we can modify accordingly.⁣

Please listen to and respect your body... and it will do the same for you!⁣

Jemma stretching with the wall
Why Point Those Feet?

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