Can You Get Taller With Stretching?


Some of us may have heard this from their parents, some from their friends, yet others may have read it on the internet: stretch, and you will grow inches taller!⁣

Is this really true?⁣

Can you really grow 1, 2, 3, 4, even 5 inches taller from stretching? ⁣


👉🏻 LONG ANSWER: Stretching can actually help us "realize" or "express" our full height. ⁣

See, in between your spinal discs there is something called the fluid sacs. The weight of your head and shoulders put pressure on your spine, and these sacs shrink.⁣

Up to a full 1% of your height can be "compressed" in this manner.⁣

Stretching can help you reverse the compression.⁣

So can hanging from bars, or lying gown.⁣

❓So all those programs out there that claim they can create extra space between your spinal bones?⁣

👉🏻 There is no "creation" there... only "unpacking" what already exists.⁣

Another reason stretching can help you express your full height is that stretching helps with posture.⁣

The taller you try to stand, the stronger your back, shoulder and core muscles are, the easier it will be to hold great posture, and great posture will help you with realizing your full height potential.⁣

Fixing your posture can amount to inches of "gained" height - but as we now know, the term "gained" is incorrect, and the terms "realized" or "expressed" can be used instead.⁣

So the next time you stretch, know that you are not magically stretching out the long hardened bones of your spine.⁣

When your favourite FLEXSPACE instructor says "Imagine you are creating space between your vertebrae", remember that the saying is purely rhetoric.⁣

But as you stand taller and feel stronger after your stretching classes, know that while you didn't necessarily grow, you still worked towards reaching your maximum potential - which is all that you (and we) can ever ask for.⁣

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