At FLEXSPACE, we are always keeping up with movement studies to learn more about the human body. Out of all the studies we have read, this one was too cool not to share.

Did you know backward walking can improve your hamstring flexibility?

Yes, you read that correctly. Research has been done to explore whether backward walking, due to its movement patterns being drastically different from forward walking, can improve hamstring flexibility and as a result, relieve lower back pain.

The results? When completing the study, which involved 4 weeks backward walking on a treadmill for 10-15 mins a day, 4 days per week, at a self-selected speed, all 10 participants were observed to have significantly increased their hamstring flexibility! The measure used was the typical sit-and-reach test, and the average reach increase across the group was 3.1 cm.

So the next time you think of what else you could add to your training regimen to get those stubborn hamstrings to lengthen, perhaps consider adding backwards walking! Great for coordination, and apparently even better for hamstring flexibility.

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