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A stretching studio dedicated to unlocking the body’s full range of motion.

Our passionate team of instructors combines their experience in dance and other performing arts with extensive knowledge + certification in stretching, group fitness, yoga, pilates and barre to help you find freedom in your movement.


FLEXSPACE was born when a corporate sales manager became tired of living in a weak, inflexible body and embarked on a quest to change that

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The FLEXSPACE method was designed to help people become better equipped to handle the physical demands of recreational activities such as dance, pole fitness, aerial arts, ice skating, rock climbing, martial arts, and more. We favour active, dynamic stretching exercises that help you develop better control  over an increasingly larger range of motion in your entire body.


YES, it is for you if you:​

  • wish to unlock new ranges of motion in your body

  • want to become more flexible in a safe & effective way

  • are willing to work hard under the supervision of enthusiastic instructors

NO, it is not for you if you need:

  • rehabilitative exercises to treat an injury/condition (please see a physiotherapist)​

  • passive or restorative stretching only 

Anatomical Approach

The FLEXSPACE approach is rooted in a deep understanding of human anatomy and biomechanics. Our instructors have extensive certification in various schools of fitness and continue to educate themselves and stay on top of the latest research & development in the field of stretching

Movement Professionals

All of our instructors are movement professionals: ballerinas, contemporary dancers, ice skaters, and pole athletes. They know what it takes to get the flexibility and strength results you want - they've been there, and they've done it

Extensive Teaching Experience

It's not enough for someone to be strong and flexible themselves: they need to know how to meet the unique needs of each FLEXSPACE student. Our team has a combined 40+ years of teaching experience and regularly share teaching feedback to make sure they know how to work with different ages, movement backgrounds, and levels of experience







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FLEXSPACE Group Class Summary



6-week Intensive courses across 3 different Levels, all designed to give you the guidance & support you need as you work towards your big GOAL.

Each intensive includes: 

  • 6 x 1-hr live Zoom class per week

  • Class recordings 

  • Private WhatsApp group

  • 10 students max per class

Work Out From Anywhere In The World

No Experience Required

Small Group Experience, Every Time

True Community Feel



We offer online private and semi-private classes via Zoom.


Private training is great if you are looking for individual attention, desire more feedback during training, or simply want to reach your goals faster.

Before I and started working with FLEXSPACE, I was so unfit I was basically only equipped to walk down flat, straight roads (barely, and only if I had my glasses on). I've been training privately and regularly since October, and under their gentle and firm hand, my range of mobility and knowledge of my own body have improved beyond what I ever expected or thought I needed. The entire team is lovely and I look forward to every class.


I've been taking FLEXSPACE classes for almost 2 years now, and I can honestly say they're some of the most amazing, knowledgeable, and encouraging instructors I've ever trained with! After a year with them, I reached out and begged for a personal customized training plan and they accommodated me 100% and created a fantastic front splits training plan just for me! They did a 1:1 private training session to walk through the exercises to make sure I understood exactly how I was supposed to be executing each exercise. I've seen crazy improvements not just in flexibility but in strength and overall mobility. I cannot recommend these girls enough!!!


This is a one of a kind studio with the most professional, dedicated and attentive instructors. With a variety of classes that offer students the opportunity to improve both their flexibility and strength, with FLEXSPACE you will begin to reconnect with your body in a much more meaningful and intentional way.



Our custom training programs are best for those who:

  • Have a very specific goal in mind (a position / transition they are looking to perfect)

  • Prefer training on their own, but are still looking for some expert guidance 

  • Are looking for a more economical option than continued 1-on-1 training

New to stretching? New to FLEXSPACE? Book a free 15-min call where we'll talk about your background and determine the best training options that fit your goals & needs

Not sure what the best option for you is?

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